Training on the original keyboard instruments at Finchcocks. This has included supporting players from the UK and also from overseas. We are especially grateful that this programme was generously supported as well by special schemes such as the Muzio Clementi Award, donated by Mr Christopher Clementi, the direct descendant to the composer.


Special links with the USA were also established by the fine pianist, Sandra Carlock, who would regularly bring students from the Settlement School in Philadelphia.

Over the past few years another urgent programme has been set up for the Finchcocks Charity – the training of a new generation of technicians – tuners, researchers and conservators, without whom these wonderful instruments would be silent.

A training scheme has been set up.  The experienced and knowledgeable experts are now an endangered species as so many have now retired or been unwell or passed away. The Finchcocks Charity supports apprentices with bursaries. At present we have several undergoing training from the UK and have recently extended the scheme to candidates from overseas.

We are hugely grateful to those teachers and experienced experts who have joined us to help this scheme.

We are especially grateful to Lucy Coad, Peter Barnes, Lewis Jones, Ed Pickering, David Manson and Andrew Wooderson for their support and help.

To visit a musical museum without music is like visiting an art gallery with your eyes closed

Richard Burnett

Training on the original keyboard instruments at Finchcocks